Lemur Listbox

Lemur ListBox program is designed to generate a list of data for use in the application template Lemur (on IOS and Android). When creating Lemur MIDI controllers for hardware and software may have to be this list of instruments, sounds, patches, arpeggios and so on. These lists can contain a large number of elements. The idea of creating this program appears on the need to use lists, with a capacity of more than 16 elements (restriction standard component Lemur - MENU). First it was created ListBox component to the user library. Filling lists required the creation of a software tool, which is offered to your attention. The main window consists of two parts. The left side displays the contents of the open file Lemur in different view modes. Editing the list of open file Lemur, create a new list, edit categories and layout of the template in the right pane of the program...


Create a list using data from pdf file. Using regular expressions.


View mode arrays and text editing

Open a new file. Editing the data in the text.

View mode and editing categories

Open file Lemur "ListBox Pro Demo.jzml". Editing data in categories.

Text file viewing Lemur and Table representation of the data

Text data in Lemur file format (jzml) and Table view mode the edited data.

Summary mode and edit a Layout template

Summary of the open file Lemur and editing Layout template.

Search mode using regular expressions

Search using regular expressions and search results window.

Program options

Options window. Settings for the default template.

Lemurbox Pro component

The list of data in the application Lemur. A double tap on the "UP" and "DOWN" - the component settings.

Lemurbox Pro component. Settings

Настройки цвета.

Lemurbox Pro component. Settings

Dimensions, font size, show numbers.

Lemurbox Pro component. Settings

Download settings arrays and use categories.

ListBoxPro Demo.jzml

Demo template ListBoxPro Demo.jzml

Module Lemur Listbox Pro with Category combobox. Demo data.

ListBoxLite Demo.jzml

Demo template ListBoxLite Demo.jzml

Module Lemurbox Lite with demo data.


You can download the Lite version of the software and components or get Lemurbox Pro after donation.

  Lemurbox Lite Lemurbox Pro
Max data count1281280
Max columns116
Max rows1216
Category support-+
Settings of colors, font size, dimensions etc.-+
  Download Donate
Lemurbox Lite. Contents:
  • lemurboxlite.exe - application
  • ListBoxLite.jzlib
  • ListBoxLite Demo.jzml
  • manual_en.pdf
  • manual_ru.pdf
Lemurbox Pro. Contents:
  • lemurbox.exe - application
  • ListBoxPro.jzlib
  • ListBoxPro Demo.jzml
  • manual_en.pdf
  • manual_ru.pdf
  • Data example - folder with demo data

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Questions and suggestions on the program you can send to the specified address. All questions will be processed as soon as possible.

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